How a Busy Mom of Three, Turned Her Old Cookbook Collection into a Money-Making Online Business - and YOU Can Do It Too Starting 2 Minutes from Now!

  Do you have any old, used, antique, collector, or vintage cookbooks that are gathering dust on your bookshelves, that you've collected over the years, or you've picked up at garage sales or have seen at garage sales? Do you have vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks, Betty Crocker Cookbooks or other out-of-print, old-fashioned, rare, or vintage cook books from the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s or older --or some even newer?

"How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online !"

Sell Cookbooks

If you're looking for an ideal, EASY, offline or online work-from-home business opportunity using your computer, part-time or full-time or just in your FREE or spare time -- one with low overhead that'll make you money, is lots of FUN AND gets you results -- then selling old, used, antique, collector, or vintage cookbooks online (or offline) is your answer! 

From the desk of Helen Hecker:

Finally, after years of sheer testing, discoveries and fine-tuning, I've decided to share my knowledge for quickly identifying and selling high-demand old, antique, collectors, valuable and vintage cookbooks, for which I built a highly profitable, money-making online and offline, home-based business.

 Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, work outside the home, a grandmother, male or female, or retired, this online business opportunity will work for you. It's a great work-at-home idea!

I'll share the special techniques I use to get amazing results!

I'll teach you EXACTLY how to find high-demand, high-value, used and/or old cookbooks you can easily sell for a good profit on eBay and other online auction marketplaces.

These strategies will also give you EAGER CUSTOMERS, yes -- eagerly awaiting your cookbook finds, just like they do for me.

What I’m about to REVEAL will also help you expand your new business into the next level! With your new knowledge I'll reveal what you can do to make even more money, beyond selling cookbooks, that I've done for years!


You’ll know exactly how to repeatedly find and sell the highest value, high-demand cookbooks and how to put them up for sale.


You’ll learn how to eyeball a whole collection or a box of cookbooks, and instantly pull out the winners.


I want you to feel the RUSH (you know that feeling!) you'll get , like I do, when you find the most valuable old, antique, collectors, or vintage cookbooks in minutes and the cash that follows when you sell.


For example: I went to a small estate sale in an older area of my town. There were a lot of cookbooks there that no one was even looking at. I quickly went through and pulled out about 20 older cookbooks. They were so cheap at 25 cents each that I didn't even bother to look through. When I got home, much to my surprise there were some valuable old Betty Crocker and other cookbooks but one really surprised me. It was a Julia Child cookbook signed by both Julia and her husband Paul Child, who was the illustrator for the book. It's valued at about $500 and I have already turned down excellent offers from Julia Child collectors, for it. I often wonder how people end up with such valuable books and don't know it. I sold several of the others for a total of several hundred dollars. And this happens all the time. No kidding! I never know what I'm going to find but it's always time well-spent and I have a lot of fun at the same time.


You’ll discover how to quickly and easily add on to your new home-based business in a way that will generate more cash, beyond the usual means -- one that forms the foundation of your powerful and growing business. And you’ll be able to avoid all the mistakes I made starting out.


I’ll give you plenty of proof, because if I’ve learned anything, all that matters is RESULTS, so I’m not going to leave anything out.


And YOU can do it too! 


Turn a few old, used, vintage, antique or worn-out cookbooks (that you have at home, or the collection at mom’s or grandma’s house,) or that you find at garage sales or thrift shops into cold hard cash, read on!


You’ll discover how to find cookbooks EXACTLY like the pros do.  I’ll take you into the exclusive world of the cookbook­-selling elite.


And I’ll show you how to take the lessons learned and turn them into concrete ideas you can act on and quickly use in your new business.


I’ll show you specific examples of cookbooks I’ve found and what they were worth and what they sold for.


I’ll show you how to apply my formulas.


You'll be quite stunned to know just how easy it is to learn which cookbooks are in high-demand.


You’ll learn all the tricks of the cookbook-selling trade.


You’ll learn all my secrets, cutting-edge strategies and the techniques I use every day.


You’ll quickly master all my strategies and make them your own.


I designed this book to show you how to turn a spare-time moneymaker into a real day-to-day business.


The benefits of your new business go way beyond the mere selling of cookbooks! 

 So Turn Your Vintage Cookbooks into a Satisfying New Money-Making Home-Based Business- "How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online !"


Here are just a few of the SECRETS you’ll get from my book:

“How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online !”

                sell old cookbooks Exactly where you can find high-demand cookbooks -- with a complete explanation of garage-type sales and other outlets and which are the best places online and offline and why! 

           sell old cookbooks How you can scout for cookbooks: what you should know, take with you and do!


      sell old cookbooks How you can find cookbooks online, the best places to go and what to look for!


      sell old cookbooks WHERE you can sell your cookbooks online and offline!


            sell old cookbooks How you can write your AUCTION descriptions -- what to include and what to leave out -- everything you need to know about the right way to list cookbooks -before you put them up for sale! 

      sell old cookbooks How to specifically list cookbooks for eBay, other auction and ‘fixed price’ auction sites, and my site comparisons!


      sell old cookbooks How to establish prices for your cookbooks!


             My well-polished pricing secrets, not listed anywhere else!


           sell old cookbooks Other places you can list your cookbooks, FREE!


      sell old cookbooks Why standard pricing guides don’t work!


           sell old cookbooks My ‘TOP SECRET’ list of high-demand cookbooks that I’ve spent years developing!


      sell old cookbooks Includes listing both hard and soft cover cookbooks and a short listing of advertising recipe books (leaflets)!


            sell old cookbooks Cookbook facts you’ll need to know for your business!


      sell old cookbooks A listing of the all-time best-selling and most published cookbooks! You'll need to know this!


            sell old cookbooks Plenty of hard-to-find resources -- absolutely necessary in your cookbook business!


      sell old cookbooks My listing of books written about cookbooks and what they’ll do AND more importantly what they won’t do!


      sell old cookbooks My other business secrets to multiply your used, old, antique, collectors, vintage cookbook-selling income!


            sell old cookbooks  How to add on to your cookbook-selling business and make even more money! This secret ALONE can be worth thousands of dollars in new income!


            sell old cookbooks And much, much more!   


Yes -- this is what you’ll get and MORE in my book!: --



sell cookbooks


“How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online !”




Helen Hecker


I’m adding on these FOUR FREE BONUS GIFTS!:


Free Bonus Gift #1:


“55 High-Demand Cookbooks That Sell for $20-240 on EBay”


This is my report on some of the highest demand and vintage cookbooks you can easily find at garage sales and shows you how you can find even more!   Value: $49.  Priced much too low for the hours of hard work put in to research, discover and compile, but free as my bonus gift to you!


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“Ten Hot Items I’ve found at Garage Sales I Easily Sell on EBay” 


I discovered these hot-moving items accidentally --items I had researched on eBay that I already owned. They're fairly easy to find, and sell well. You may have some in your home right now! Includes my full description and my detailed anecdotes!  Value: $59. Really priceless secrets I won't just give away but free as my bonus gift to you!


Free Bonus Gift #3:


“The Whitehouse Cookbook   (1887)


The Whole Comprising - A Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information for the Home” ……… by Mrs. F. L. Gillette


650 pages (yes 650!) jam-packed with easy recipes from the 1800s!  This is a great collection to browse through.  You’ll laugh while you read and try out recipes!  It’s a great addition to your recipe collection. This is a good resource to help you become familiar with pre-century recipes, if you haven’t already, for your cookbook business. Value $49. Free as my bonus gift to you!


Free Bonus Gift #4:


Also another great book (actually two books in one):


 “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes  (1909)"  ……… Miss Parloa


and  "Home Made Candy Recipes Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill


More treasured recipes from the 1800s -- many you can use now!  They'll also give you a good laugh! Published in 1909 by Walter Baker & Co., LTD. -- known for Baker’s chocolate. Value $39. Free as my bonus gift to you!


These four free bonus gifts alone total $196!


Get It All Now! and Have It in Your Hand in Just 2 Minutes!



So there you have it. My book is priced at only $17. It may only take the sale of one cookbook to make back your investment! 


Oh another thing -- I offer a 6-week money-back guarantee! No questions asked.  Just ask for your refund within 6 weeks after giving my program a fair try. I want you to be happy and be able to put these secrets to work. I can’t guarantee you’ll make gobs of money. I don’t know you or what you’ll do with the secrets I give you. I do guarantee that you’ll be well-armed as you start this great home-based online business.



So -- Get It Now!!  


      “How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online !”


Remember you have my 6-week money-back guarantee! 


P. S.  I’ll guarantee to offer these free gifts -- (I often change gifts and the price WILL be going up- I'm not kidding!) -- and hold this price until midnight tonight.  So order now before I decide to increase the price or change gifts! 


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P.P.P. S. All my secrets for selling used, old, antique, Better Homes and Gardens, Betty Crocker and vintage cookbooks will be in your hands just moments from now! After payment processing you’ll be immediately directed to a website where you can download my book and all the free bonus gifts. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before. It’s easy. You’ll also receive a support email with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to download, read and access the information. It really is easy! You'll soon learn How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online! 



Give my book a try up to 6 weeks and if you're not happy for any reason you may request a full refund. All I ask is you give my book a fair try. 


 sell cookbooks


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