Affiliate Program

When you link to "How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online!" you'll earn a 50% commission on each paying customer you refer to this product.  Sorry, not on your own purchase.

There's no cost to sign up as an affiliate.  It's a known fact the Internet's 'super affiliates' do so well because they write personal recommendations of the affiliate products they sell.

The "How to Make Money Selling Cookbooks Online!" affiliate program is run through ClickBank, so you have independent tracking of sales by a trusted third party.  They'll provide you with up to the minute sales stats, plus automatically email you as soon as you make a sale.

They also issue an affiliate check to you every two weeks - no waiting a month or longer to be paid.  You also don't have to make a number of sales before getting paid - just one sale and you can elect to receive a check.


              Here's All You Need to Do!


Step 1:  If you're not already with ClickBank you'll need to sign up.  Go to clickbank-- see # 2 below.  Fill out the ClickBank Affiliate Sign-Up form.

During the easy sign-up process, you'll be asked to pick a 'nickname' which will be used to track your referral sales.

Step 2:  Close the ClickBank page and return to this page.  Using your ClickBank nickname you can now generate your affiliate link.

So to get started go to ClickBank and then return to this page:    CLICK HERE

Step 3:  Next use your new affiliate link below. Just copy the link and insert your new ClickBank 'nickname' in place of the XXXXXX  but leave the ? intact, and you'll be set to start generating income.      


Please note:

Anti-Spam Policy-- You may NOT send spam in any way to promote the "How To Sell Cookbooks Online!" book or website.   I will not tolerate spam - which means ANY email sent without the recipients permission - and I will terminate the affiliate account of any person who violates the anti-spam policy.  ClickBank will be immediately informed that you are using spamming methods and they will freeze your account.  You'll also be reported to the Internet spam authorities.



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