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"I found your newsletters very informative and worthwhile.  Keep up the good work!" -- Edwin Flatto M.D. The Plymouth Press

"I found your ("Helen Hecker's Hotline") very interesting and useful." -- Michael Webb   The RoMANtic Newsletter

My newsletter will help you pump new life into your selling cookbooks business  whether home-based or not.

It includes my own  publicity, promotion, Internet marketing -including Google AdSense, AdWords, article marketing, and press release distribution, publishing tips and trade secrets and much more that I've developed over the past 30 years.  I also pass along new ideas I've come across and tested. It was formerly direct-mailed to 40,000 small business owners, publishers, entrepreneurs, etc. before it was converted to an online newsletter.

As head of Twin Peaks Press, a PR, marketing, publishing company for 25 of those years,  I've developed, discovered and used hundreds of tips and trade secrets, shared  and spoken at many entrepreneurial conferences, etc. I've been interviewed and recorded, for my publicity and marketing strategies, by Dan Kennedy  for his "Inner Circle"  business ideas  and expertise, etc. Written up in all types of publications both for our many  products and services.

I only include  the meatiest items.  Not a bunch of 'hype', but practical tips you can use in your small or home business  to save you time and money  and save researching too.

Formerly an R. N. and as a real estate broker, I also owned a real estate company with offices in two states.  Twin Peaks Press followed in 1982.  A PR, marketing, publishing company with an umbrella of many other small businesses - mailing list company, etc.  I've been a consultant to small publishers, publishers-to-be and hundreds of business owners over many years.  I've developed many business ideas, written and published many books, written thousands of press releases, and I've shared hundreds of tips both as a consultant and through my newsletters.  I also publish another free newsletter "Helen Hecker's Health Secrets Hotline"  (which I started after I cured myself of breast cancer, naturally, several years ago.)

You can sign up here.  We never sell, rent, share or distribute email addresses in any way!  We respect your privacy. This is an opt-in newsletter only. An unsubscribe link is at the bottom of every newsletter. I'm sure you'll find many useful tips that will help you with your business venture. 

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