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Twin Peak Press has been helping cookbook publishers, self publishers, book publishers, chefs, & professionals in the culinary arts, who have published a cookbook or want to publish a cookbook, since 1982. Help for Self Publishers & Book Publishers

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Don't Know What to Do? What YOU Can Do TODAY - Right NOW - This Minute- to Start Selling More Cookbooks! 

Just 2 quick suggestions! To my publishing friends--from Helen Hecker--   After 25 years consulting with publishers I know what often works and what doesn't when it comes to selling cookbooks & other books! Thousands have reported back to me over the years, besides our many years of testing with our own various non-fiction titles. This is what I suggest.  Assuming you have at least one non-fiction title published or soon to be published, then you want to consider using these 2 marketing strategies as soon as possible. But also know this is general advice and I can't guarantee your results.  I don't know your titles or anything about your books. Keep this in mind. 

#1. Mail  your flier to our list of 1000 or so high budget public libraries. (Budgets of $100,000 and up.) You can rent the list and mail to the whole list or a few at a time.  At 9 cents per label the cost to rent the list is about $90. If your book has an index, that's good!  Librarians love indexes. These libraries order for all their branches as well. Have a good looking flier, you'll be competing with other fliers. They are looking for niches also.  Occasionally we get a list of niche areas they are looking for that no one has written a book about!

#2. Mail  your press release to our list of 1524 daily newspapers. Put Food Editor on the attention line. Cost about $170. Why?  This CAN result in direct sales for you (not a guarantee).  Editors will write up an item or article from your release (they rarely ever copy a release.)  Your release will  have access to thousands of people through these high circulation newspapers and people will contact you or order directly once you've been written up. Editors of other publications see it and write you or your title up.  Make sure you have phone numbers and website addresses in the body of the release. You do have a press release I hope. You must have a good release. Make it timeless so you can use the same release forever.  For years we've used press releases to generate thousands of dollars in sales for our own titles.  We've written thousands of releases in AP style for ourselves and others.  Make sure your release is in AP style or it'll be tossed out. If you mail a FLIER to the newspapers or any publication, they WILL toss it out.  Many publishers still seem not to know this. Editors are looking for professional looking press releases.  You can do it or we can do it for you.  If you have a release and it's without opinion and follows the usual press release procedure then it should be okay.  We can take a look at it for a small fee of $25.  I can give you a yes it's fine or a no it needs a little re-work, a lot of re-work or  needs to be totally redone.  It'll be an honest quick look-see evaluation. We want to save you money and make your release work. It'll get you moving in the right direction.  Remember, if it's right you can use this release forever.  Use it for online promotion too!  See our press release pages for fees for press releases, for the wire service and for online distribution.

Okay.  That's a start.  See our many other articles and services to help you sell more cookbooks!  And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter.  I'm always looking for more ways to help save money or sell books or other products or services! Happy publishing! --- Helen Hecker 

Help for Self Publishers, Cookbook Publishers & Book Publishers

Help for all publishers, help for authors, help for small, independent  and self publishers, help for book publishers, help for cookbook publishers,  help for ebook publishers,  DVD or video producers, software publishers, ezine & newsletter producers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone selling books, products, anything, or offering services or has a practice!  Since 1982!

We can help you at any stage in your book publishing process from the ground up-- from the process of writing to the self published end book product, promotion, marketing & book selling.  We've been consultants & advisors to thousands of cookbook publishers, self publishers, book publishers & others & help with publicity, promotion -- & we're marketing experts too!  We've helped publishers self publish & sell thousands of books over the past 25 years.

With our many services we have helped thousands of authors, self publishers & book publishers with their self publishing & book publishing efforts.  We can help you if you want to know how to write your own book, how to self publish your own book & how to promote & market your own book. We can help with any book, guide, manual, report, ebook -  self-help, Christian, religious, childrens', romance, poetry, cookbook,  business, business opportunity, travel, health, medical, disability, non-fiction, fiction, fundraising, coffee table, life history, personal development just about any kind of book that you want to publish.  We know all the resources.  If you need services we can't provide we know where you can get plenty of those too. We know traditional offset book printers, on-demand printers, subsidy printers, vanity printers, the best publishers software, other available publishers' services, companies that help self publishers & publishing connections. We can brainstorm how to raise money or help you find financial resources to publish your book --  see consulting.

About Twin Peaks Press & Services  

Twin Peaks Press is a national PR, mailing list, marketing, book publishing, promotion, self publishers' resource, publishers' services & consulting company established in 1982.  Although located on Main Street in Vancouver, Washington (suburb of Portland) for many years, we've mainly served self publishers & business owners throughout the rest of the U.S. & Canada. With a broad online presence also, our first website went up in the early days of the Internet.  We're experts on Internet & online marketing too!  Over the years we've given workshops & presented at  writers', publishers' & entrepreneurs' conferences. 

In the past we've organized thousands of cooperative mailings for publishers & producers.

We published the Twin Peaks television show catalog of products (we came along first though!) & international newsletter after being inundated with calls on our toll-free line by Twin Peaks fans & then received a lot of national media attention.  We definitely took advantage of the situation!

We've been written up in hundreds of newspapers & other publications, & featured many times -- both radio & television.

Just Some of Our Many Services & Help for Self Publishers, Cookbook Publishers & Book Publishers, Business Owners

PR & Press Releases:  We write press releases in AP style, & offer newswire services & online press release distribution services  -- we're members of the wire service for traditional national distribution & do online press distribution. We also rent out our media mailing lists (not email lists!). We know how to write & submit a press release that works. We know the contacts. Write Press Releases

Marketing:  We've promoted & marketed hundreds of  books, videos, DVDs, newsletters, catalogs, products, professional practices, & services of all kinds. We also rent out our many other mailing lists.

Publishing:  We've published books, reports, articles, ebooks, several newsletters, ezines, DVDs, videos, mail order catalogs & websites.  We also rent out mailing lists of libraries, schools, museums, newspapers, radio, print & broadcast media & hundreds of other outlets to help the marketing efforts of book publishers, self publishers & business owners. 

Rent our mailing lists:  We rent out our many mailing lists.  See the sidebar of listings on this site. M ail your flier to libraries, schools, museums, etc. Mail your press release to the media -- daily newspapers, business, trade & consumer publications, publications in specialty markets, radio stations, radio talk shows, television shows, etc. Dozens of inexpensive lists to choose from that you'll find NOWHERE else! Mailing list houses don't want to bother with these small targeted lists or offer these low prices! Low $20 minimum order. No price increases for the past 20 years!

Rapid Release Program: Your press release goes over the wire to hundreds of editors, news directors, producers & trade publications. The press release we write  can be timeless, & can be used by you ongoing, to mail or email to other media as well. A one-time investment & a MUST in your MARKETING efforts! We write your press release in AP style & format. Your release must be in this style & format or it WILL get tossed! Rapid Release Program

Customized promotions: If you don't know what to do or don't have time to do it we can help you select your mailing lists for local, regional, national or specialty market campaigns  -- see consulting.

Consulting with Helen Hecker by phone. With hundreds of hours consulting under her belt, Hecker has helped hundreds of self publishers & entrepreneurs save time & money, boosted their profits & pumped life into their companies! Help with just about anything. Hecker has saved publishers thousands of dollars on printing costs for example! Comparing costs between traditional printers or should you go print on demand like with iUniverse, Inc. or go traditionally?  Has helped with title selection & saved many a  self publisher heartacheA good title is paramount to the success of your book!  The wrong title & all your other publishing & marketing efforts won't matter!  Need help with financing? How to market & ACTUALLY sell your books? You don't want to end up with a pallet of books sitting in your garage forever.  Such a small investment in your overall plan.  Take advantage of Hecker's knowledge & experience.  Just make a phone appointment.  Just do it!  See testimonials from just a few publishers & business owners we've helped.  Only a little time is available for this each month.  Busy on so many projects here- & truthfully, eventually no time unfortunately. Consulting for Self Publishers & Book Publishers

Free co-op mailing service: Find and mail with other publishers. Sign up for our newsletter and list your needs in our special section.  See:  Free Co-op Mailing Service for Publishers

Free newsletter:  The very popular (may we say! ahem!) Helen Hecker's Hotline was originally published in the early 1990s.  It's been converted to an online newsletter.  Full of useful tips that you can actually use or apply immediately. Freebies, tips & good advice. Also get MY FAVORITE -- FREE for you  'The eBay Seller's Guide' ebook when you sign up. Sell your books on eBay! You can download immediately. We never share any email address, for any reason, period! You can get more info here & sign up FREE.  Click HERE!:  Helen Hecker's Biz Hotline Newsletter

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